What We Do:

Full nutritional testing and other analytical chemistry tests
Microbiological testing
Shelf-life studies
Product Development
Troubleshoot Manufacturing and Processing Problems
✔ Hygiene audit and food safety training

Who We Service:

Food and Cosmetic Manufacturers/ Packing Facilities
Foodservice (Restaurants, Hotels, Distributers)
Universities and Colleges     

Food and Cosmetics Technologies was established in 1999 by Mr Kay Devchand, a thought leader in the industry of the Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Allied Industries. With over 25 years of experience working in leading research and developing facilities, it inspired him to become an independent supplier of such services to the food industry. He continues to impart his expertise to his personnel so that companies and organisations may still benefit. We have attained the SANAS accreditation ISO 17025 which is an international quality standard. This was achieved in 2005/2006. We offer comprehensive selection of Analytical and Microbiology test services, Research and development, Innovation, Sensory analysis, Hygiene Audits and shelf life analysis all under one roof

We have competent Microbiologist, chemists and research and development personnel who form part of the team to provide to provide excellent services to our clients. We also have an affiliation with SAAFOST ( South African Association of Food Science and Technology)

Our Vision

To be the preferred comprehensive  centre of excellence in the application of food science and technology for the Food, Beverage and Cosmetic industries in the areas of testing, research, sensory evaluation and training .We aim to achieve a high quality services at low cost resulting in superior customer satisfaction. 

Our Values 

  • Morals; To earn a livelihood that is pleasing to God
  • Integrity ;To be honest , trustworthy, loyal  and to be transparent in our business  dealings
  • Accountability; To fulfil the rights of the people that we interact with whilst conducting business. (Be it our Customers, Business Partners or Employees). 
  • Commitment; To strive for excellence and give our best  in everything we do and be fully dedicated to any given task
  • Respect ;To give due respect to other aspects of life that we may encounter, besides business during our daily activities and treat all people with equality and honour
  • Confidentiality; We will maintain discretion and privacy at all times
  • Passion; 100% involvement
  • Sincerity; We give our sincere effort in any work we do./ We will guarantee sincerity in all our business transactions. / We guarantee to do our part in a sincere manner.  


Our Goals

  • To help fulfil  the goals and objectives of our employees whilst fulfilling the objective of the   company 
  • To maintain a quality service by adhering to international testing standards thereby achieving a superior customer satisfaction
  • We strive to be the most cost effective laboratory whilst  providing the high quality services  under one roof
  • We aspire to provide all associated Food and Cosmetics services under one roof
  • To inspire and educate employees and customer on aspects of  the Food and Cosmetic  Sciences 
  • To be committed to the upliftment of people within and outside the organisation
  • To maintain a harmonious  environment  within the company and to extend this environment to our suppliers and customers 
  • To passionately serve our customers and thereby help  fulfil their hopes and dreams